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  • Sharmila is an outstanding tutor and mentor. Her astonishing enthusiasm and guidance have assisted students of all abilities through difficult subjects. She is an incredible person, who has helped me and many others through the scary journey of school.

    Tayloraye Bailey, Year 12 Student
  • As a student lacking confidence in Maths, Sharmila really helped me understand and apply my knowledge in a fun and practical way. She is ready to help me and encourages me all time. It’s definitely not a coincidence that my grades have improved in areas where I previously struggled!

    Mugdha Godbole, IBDP Maths Student
  • We are lucky and privileged to have your service. Seriously, distance doesn’t matter anymore when we have good tutors coupled with great technology!

  • You were prompt and very professional in your session timings, payment receipts and updating parents after each session. The video recording on zoom was an add-on benefit. You were extremely flexible with switching subjects as per student needs. I have never seen a tutor as flexible, timely and professional!

  • Since my daughter has been using Can Do Teach I have noticed her confidence with Mathematics improving out of sight. She has said to me that Sharmila the founder of the program teaches in a way she understands, and gets. She has also said the one-on-one time has helped her concentrate and better apply herself with problem-solving.

    Bronwyn James, Parent
  • You are always available at a touch of a message. You never hesitated to step in, never ignored and you became part of student’s Virtual support, regardless of when the sessions were scheduled.

  • As a parent who cares a lot about my daughter’s education I was very impressed when she told me that Sharmila was better than all her teachers at school. I would recommend Can Do Teach to all parents who want to see their children succeed in the future.

    Bronwyn James, Parent