We strongly believe that every student is unique, so every tutoring experience should be too. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and find what works for you before you pay a cent!

The Virtual Classroom

To connect with you, we use Zoom.us, the world’s number one video conferencing software. Not only can student and tutor see each other, they can connect multiple devices, share-screen and much more. Our tutors also have a sophisticated virtual whiteboard, that allows them to write notes and draw diagrams, as well as annotate digital content.

The virtual classroom is just like a regular classroom, except that you can relive it whenever you want! You don’t have to spend valuable class time worrying about copying down notes, as the recording of the class and the pdf of any notes taken on the whiteboard will be sent to you after the class.

Oh, and you don’t spend any time getting to and from it!


The first step is to register your Can Do Teach account. This takes just a few minutes and gives us the information we need to contact you and connect you with the right kind of tutors.

Book an intro session

Simply choose a time that is convenient for you through our scheduling platform. This is a chance for you to try out the system for free, and see if it’s a good fit for you! In this meeting, the parent, student and tutor will discuss where the student is at, and what they are hoping to get out of tuition. Together, we can work out a plan that suits everybody.

Free trial

Now you are all set up to start getting help-on-demand or in scheduled lessons. The best part? The first 20 minutes are on us!

Get learning!

Schedule classes in advance with your favourite tutor, or book a lesson on demand with the first available tutor online. Enjoy using our Zoom platform, and pay only for what you use.

Top up credit

Once you’ve used up your 20 minutes of free credit, you can top up your credit balance from our website.